Matt Wells

I started Fight to THRiVE after being invited to a screening of OUR’s The Abolitionists movie. After the movie, my family and I wanted to know how we could help some of the children in the movie, specifically those in Haiti. A few months later, we made our first trip to Haiti to visit Foyer de Sion, an orphanage that houses more than 150 children. Our trip to Haiti was made so that we could get information about a block manufacturing plant that we wanted to help the orphanage create in order to sustain them. Once there, I was overwhelmed with the reality of the poverty and harsh conditions the people of Haiti lived in.

I found myself asking “What will we do after we have helped this small group of children?” Although this particular orphanage needed so much, I thought to myself about the position they were in how other orphanages in Haiti as well as other places in the world must also be in similar situations.

I returned home overwhelmed with emotion. I wanted to take sustainability for these children and orphanages a step further than just making sure their basic needs were met. I wanted to give them the ability to thrive. I am a strong believer that everyone has a special ability. I have the special ability to create and operate small businesses, so I founded Fight to THRiVE.

Justin Swain

I truly believe that it was an inspired path that led me to become a part of this cause.  Prior to joining the Fight to THRiVE team I had a number of coincidental opportunities through friends, business colleagues, college classes, etc. to become educated on the atrocities that are inflicted upon innocent children in many developing countries. The fact that many of these events were occurring one after the other without any influence on my part began to make me question if I was being prompted to take notice.

As a father of three beautiful girls, I have a tremendous appreciation for any cause that supports children.  When I looked at my own children and imagined them in the same situations, I was filled with an overwhelming feeling that I needed to commit myself to helping.

Not long after, I was presented with the opportunity to help create FTT.  With a degree in business and a strong background in both the entrepreneurial and corporate world, I wanted to take the knowledge I had developed and use it to provide safe environments where these sweet children can live and learn.  I immediately took the opportunity to become a part of this amazing organization, and I am now using the skills I have to build sustainable businesses that will support safe homes where these little ones can grow and thrive.

As things have continued to fall into place, I recognize that this is an endeavor that I am meant to be involved in.  I am so grateful to have the opportunity to advocate for these sweet children and do everything in my power to change the world in which we live.