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Current Projects

Past Projects

  • Foyer De Sion

We have successfully helped Foyer de Sion build chicken coops which now house 1000 chickens. These chickens all produce pure white eggs which in turn are sold to generate revenue. A portion of the eggs are also given to each child to increase nutrition in their diet and a portion is given to the nannies to provide for their own families.

  • ENEPHA Orphanage

We have successfully help ENEPHA find a temporary building, build 1500 gallons worth of water cisterns to provide water, provided a small temporary 1000 watt solar grid with generator, and create a small taxi service to generate revenue. This is all temporary as we work to raise funds to complete a larger more permanent 2000 watt solar grid and a child sponsorship program. Our long term goal is to help the orphanage build a social enterprise through artisan crafts that will help generate revenue and employee families in the community surrounding the orphanage.

To find out more about any of these projects and how you can better help children thrive, just send us a message.

Organize A Fundraiser

Organizing a fundraiser can be as simple as hosting a garage sale or crowdfunding on Facebook. Some may choose to host auctions or speaking arrangements. Whatever you choose we’d love to support you in this great cause. Let us know your plans and how we can be involved by contacting us below.


Donate Your Skills

We believe everyone has something to offer. From social media posts to drafting legal documents to providing business strategy, donate your time today! Contact us below.

We are seeking skills of all kinds but especially:
  • Grant Writer and Specialist
  • Graphic Designer
  • Fundraiser Support






















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