Caring for orphans by teaching sustainable business practices

The survival of orphaned children is a rapidly growing problem in developing countries. In some areas upwards of 15% of the child population is orphaned. Some of these children’s parents have died or can no longer afford to care for them while others have been saved from child sex trafficking and slavery.

These children are rescued and then placed in orphanages by government officials who in most cases offer no financial support to those who are willing to care for them. As a result, most orphanages are forced to generate 100% of their resources to survive, falling short on a consistent basis.

In order to feed the children they take in, caregivers have to sacrifice things like education, proper medical care, electricity, etc. When that fails, they turn to more extreme methods of income generation, which often results in the children being sold back into the world of child trafficking.

There are currently more than 132 million orphaned children in the world today. More than 2 million children are trafficked and exploited for sex each year (Unicef, 2015). Fight to THRiVE’s mission is to prevent any possibility of these children returning to the life from which they were rescued, and instead create a safe haven where these children can thrive.

We do this by first analyzing their situation by examining things like building safety and functionality, and then determining if there are any renewable resource projects that can be implemented to help cut down operational costs for the orphanage while still providing full functionality. We then analyze the orphanage’s financial position which details cost of living for staff and children, educational costs, medical costs, and any other expenses or sources of income the orphanage may have.

Once the orphanages finances have been analyzed, we then help take sustainability one step further and work with the orphanage to create a business that will not only provide a reliable source of income, but will also help the children and staff develop vocational skills, a sense of worth and responsibility as well as provide a service or product that will benefit the community


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